The RBA once again has left the cash rate unchanged, this is the longest period of interest rate stability since 2006.

The decision to leave cash rates on hold was influenced by the high Australian dollar and increasing unemployment. Lower interest rates are slowly encouraging more business investment and consumer spending.

This has given banks further confidence to lower or maintain already record low interest rates. The main competition amongst lenders is on long term fixed rates and variable rates where customers have a minimum deposit of 20%. Below are our best offerings amongst our lenders:

  • Variable rate- 4.64%
  • 2 year fixed- 4.49%
  • 3 year fixed- 4.59%
  • 5 year fixed- 4.94%
Some lenders are also waiving Mortgage Insurance under 85% and up to 90% LVR (usually 80%).This has resulted in savings of up to $25k for some of our clients who qualify under these product policy’s.

Interest rate and Mortgage Insurance savings is just a small part of what we do. We specialise in choosing the right loan and structure that aligns with your investment strategy and future financial goals . For example if you are an aggressive property investor then choosing a lender with greater borrowing capacity and serviceability become critical factors. If you are more conservative and are looking to reduce debt then product choice becomes more about rate,loan term and structuring to maximise debt reduction.